squirrel with nut Squirrels can be a joy to see in their natural habitat, scampering up trees and gathering acorns. Sometimes, though, squirrel populations can boom and the small critters can get into your home. That's where we come in! Our professional technicians can trap, remove, and relocate squirrels in a safe and effective manner. We also clean up any damage caused and make sure squirrels or other animals can't get back in. Call Wildlife X Team® West Texas at 325.660.8577 today to help with squirrel control!

Common Squirrel Complaints

One of the most common complaints we receive when it comes to squirrels is the damage they can cause inside your home. Attics and inside walls are common nesting areas for squirrels. Squirrels also:

  • Rip insulation to use for making nests
  • Soil rooms with urine and feces, both of which can be health hazards
  • Steal birdseed from feeders and scare songbirds off


Squirrels are a nuisance — it seems like they are always around and causing trouble. There are a few steps you can take as a homeowner, such as restricting access to birdfeeders and applying repellents, but to be completely effective and remove all signs of the animals, bring in the professionals at Wildlife X Team® West Texas. Call Wildlife X Team® West Texas at 325.660.8577 today and let us help safely get rid of squirrels in your home for good!