bat flyingDo you have a bat in your attic, or worse, flying over your head inside your home? Bats have a bad reputation due to their nocturnal habits and peculiar, rodent-like appearance. Although they are relatively harmless while swooping over fields at dusk, bats can get into homes through impossibly small cracks and cause extensive damage to insulation. They also leave behind messes and unpleasant odors. Even one nesting bat in your attic can result in costly repairs. Call Wildlife X Team® West Texas today at 325.241.9545 for help beginning the bat removal process today!


Bats may be small but they can cause severe damage. The minimum size opening needed for them to slip through is roughly the diameter of a dime.

  • Large deposits of guano often found in corners of attics
  • Presence in chimneys, although sometimes by accident
  • Bites or scratches that can lead to potentially fatal diseases



Are Bats Actually Dangerous?

Bats are not inherently dangerous, but like all wildlife animals, they are best left to their natural habitats. The relocation and removal process should be handled by professionals for the safety of all involved. Bats will bite if threatened. 

If you find signs of bats on your property, or if you want to know how to get rid of bats from your attic and chimney, please call our Wildlife X Team® West Texas at 325.241.9545 today. We can help you solve your bat problems, now and for good!

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