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We offer full wildlife control services.

Wildlife X Team® West Texas is a family owned business leading the way in humane wildlife control and removal from your home and business. Wildlife X Team® West Texas provides both repair and wildlife removal throughout West Texas and the surrounding area. Have bats, rats, armadillos, snakes or raccoons? Wildlife X Team® West Texas, will remove any wildlife and repair most damage caused by these nuisance pest! Best of all, we will work to protect your home and keep them from coming back!

Insulation Removal and Replacement

When wild animals likes squirrels, rats, and rodents contaminate your insulation it compromises the health of everyone around. Count on us to remedy the problem fast. Call us.

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Attic Restoration

Animals in your attic can do a lot of damage and leave it contaminated with their feces and urine. Call us to restore your attic affordably and fast!

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Dead Animal Removal

Dead animals in or around your home? We can remove dead animals!

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Pest Control

Wildlife X Team® West Texas has years of experience trapping and removing a variety of wildlife. We service both residential and commercial customers!

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